Real Estate Department


The County Auditor maintains a variety of information on the 91,400 parcels of real estate located in Warren County. Ownership, legal description, property address, building description and building footprint, appraised value and numerous other features and records are available in the Real Estate Department. Property transfers or conveyances are also administered by the Real Estate Department. Warren County property information and map search are now available on this site to better serve you. These records form the basis for the appraisal and tax assessment functions of the Auditor.

Warren County Property and Map Search

The Auditor is also responsible for the tax administration function dealing with the establishment of tax rates and reduction factors; Homestead Credit , Owner-Occupied Credit, Non-Business Credit, Current Agricultural Use Value (CAUV) and Certified Forest Land Value Reductions. Information on these credits and programs is available in the Auditor's Office or by clicking the appropriate links on this site.