Frequently Asked Questions

Why did my taxes go up?

There can be multiple answers for this. In 2022 Warren County and multiple other political subdivisions granted a “tax holiday” this removed their share of the property tax levies for one year. This holiday has ended and the levies were placed back on your bill resulting in an increase. But for the holiday, everyone would have made this amount last year as well.

For some properties, they have an additional increase. The residents of Kings School District passed a school levy. They will see a larger increase than the rest of the County as a result of that decision to vote “Yes.”

A small percentage of properties had new construction. These will be reflected in a change in value and accordingly in increase in taxes as well.

Why is the County so greedy?

The County is a small portion of your property taxes as is reflected in the distribution both on your bill and in the summary of your property on line. The majority of the County’s revenue is derived from sales tax. The majority of the revenue is spent on law enforcement, whether that be the Sheriff, the housing of inmates or the Courts system. Warren County’s number one priority is providing a safe community for us to live, work and play.

What if I think my Value is too high?

We appraise 110,000 properties. We will have some properties that are too low and some that are too high. We try to error on the side of too low, but occasionally a property will be over appraised. If you believe your property is over valued you can schedule an appointment with a County Appraiser to review your property individually. If you still are not satisfied with your value, you have the right to file a complaint with the Board of Revision and show that your value is too high.

Good evidence to provide to both the County Appraiser include, but are not limited to: a recent sale of the property for less than the Auditor’s value, a recent fee appraisal showing a lower value and/or evidence of damage or issues with the home that may impact its value.

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