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2024 Application Fee - $15.00
Renewal period December 1, 2023 through January 31, 2024

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Ohio law (955.01 O.R.C.) requires that all dogs more than three months of age be licensed each year not later than January 31st. A Warren County Dog License (dog tag) is available at the Warren County Auditor's Office, from an Authorized Dog Licensing Agent and from this home page by clicking the forms button. The Warren County Commissioners determine the license fee annually. A penalty, which is equal to the cost of the tag, is charged for purchasing a license after January 31st. If the dog was obtained after January 31st the owner has thirty (30) days to license the dog without penalty.

If a dog is licensed for the current year from another county in the State of Ohio, brought into Warren County and there is not a change of ownership, the license is valid for the remainder of the year. A Warren County license is optional, however you should notify the Auditor's Office of the county where the license was issued of your new address.

If a dog is received as a gift or sold to another person and that dog has a valid Ohio license, the license may be transferred upon payment of a $5.00 fee and the recording of a Transfer of Ownership Certificate (955.11 O.R.C.) at the Warren County Auditor's Office. The Auditor's Office is located at 406 Justice Dr., Lebanon, Ohio 45036. The telephone number is 513-695-1240. Office hours are 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.

After July 1st license fees will be one-half the original fee for the following reasons only:

  • A dog becoming three (3) months old on or after July 1.
  • A dog brought from outside the state on or after July 1.

If licenses for such dogs are not purchased within thirty (30) days a penalty equal to the license fee will be charged.

Licenses may be purchased in the Auditor's Office or from an Authorized Dog Licensing Agent. If an authorized agent is used, each applicant shall pay to the agent an administration fee of $0.75 in addition to the registration fee (955.14 (E) O.R.C.).

If a tag is lost, a duplicate shall be furnished by the Auditor upon proof of registration and payment of $5.00 for each duplicate tag issued (955.08 O.R.C.).

All information should be filled in on the form. If last year's tag number is not available, please write "RENEWAL" or "NEW DOG" (whichever is appropriate) on the form. Please include your mailing address and phone number(s). The applicant must sign the form.

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