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I just got a dog. What are the licensing requirements?
Where can I get a dog license and how much does it cost?
I just moved from another county in Ohio ...
I just moved into Warren County from another state ...
Our dog passed away last month and we just got a new puppy. Can we use the same tag on our new puppy?
I bought a permanment dog tag for my dog and she died 2 years later. Now I have a new dog can I put my permament tag on my new dog?
I just bought a license last month and my dog died yesterday. Can I get a refund?
How do I get a license for my "assistance" dog?
Do I need shot records or spay/neuter records to get a Warren County license?
How can I get a Kennel License?
Can a license be transferred to a new owner if I sell or give away my dog?
Why do cats not have to be licensed?